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    • City of Atlanta Supplier Certification
    • Dekalb County Supplier Certification
    • Fulton County Supplier Certification
    • Clayton County Supplier Certification

  • Our goal is to provide the best Security Management & Investigative Services in the industry by providing our clients with the best trained security professionals available.



Birmingham address:
The Guardian Protective Services,Inc.
209 20th Street North,Birmingham,AL 35203 phone: 404-766-2611
toll-free: 1-866-766-2611
fax: 404-766-5936

Our Mission

To provide the most qualified, dedicated and professional officers that represent both the client and THE GUARDIAN.

Our Security

Professional appearance, great deterrence, proactive enforcers, Looks great in their uniforms, Clean, well spoken, and part of The Guardian Protective Services

Effective Security